How to Overcome Bloated Stomach, Whatever the cause

Do you often feel flatulence? Flatulence can be caused by several conditions, such as gastritis, colds, and even enzyme deficiency. Then how to deal with flatulence? Check out the explanation below. Flatulence can occur when the digestive tract is filled with excess air or gas. This condition can be painful, uncomfortable, and can make your stomach feel enlarged. Possible Causes of Flatulence Flatulence is generally caused by a variety of habits that you might unintentionally do, including eating too much or too fast, eating spicy and fatty foods, lying down after eating, drinking using a straw, smoking, wearing loose dentures, or chewing gum. In addition, flatulence can also be caused by health problems. Some medical conditions that often cause flatulence are: Ulcer Ulcer in medical terms is called dyspepsia or indigestion. This condition is described by discomfort or pain that occurs continuously or repeatedly in the upper abdomen area. Stomach ulcers can cause flatulenc
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